Active projects:

  • Erasmus + Training Course FACTOR – Facilitation Actor organised in Carei, July 22nd – 29th.
  • The first part of the day
    Discovery. Unknown. Adaptation. How do you feel about meeting new people, after a long period disconnected from projects? You remember every game of knowledge and try to remember the name of the one next to you. You already feel how connections are created. – This is what the participants of the Factor – Facilitation Actor Training Course felt: curiosity and enthusiasm.
    In the first part of the workshop I travelled through a game. Where would you like to live? Where did they travel the most beautiful? Who would you take with you on a trip? All these questions helped us to see a little beyond the names of the participants around us. I discovered thoughts, emotions, principles and fears. All this dressed the atmosphere of the workshop in a warm and friendly light.
    Do you think it is possible to throw away your fears, just by writing them on a small piece of paper and then throwing in just like that? Yes, it is possible. But how? The key is to join the Erasmus + Training Course Factor, where you will learn how to identify your fears and then overcome them, by learning new skills that improve your personal and professional perspectives.
    During the second part of the day, we have been connecting with nature. What place instead of Carei would have been this perfect for discovering the educational methods? In the middle of the park, with  fresh air and small breezes. Learning river – a technique through which we have created a moment of connection and reflection, when the participants had the task to remember and categorize moments from their life into formal, non-formal and informal education. After that, we continued on discovering what a facilitator is and what does he / she do? For this part, everyone was divided into groups and tried to find an answer to those 2 questions. The reflection was the last part of the day, when everyone had the time to reflect about what they have experienced during the activities.

During 2019 our volunteers were involved in the following actions:

  • self knowledge workshops for the students of a local high school using experiential psychology and drama methods
  •  forum theater – tackling bullying for and with teenager students
  •  december 2019 – creative upcycling workshops organized for and with children facing difficulties (poverty, neglection, abuse, abandonment)

We are also partners in the following activities:

  •  GOHAPPY a partnership with KuKuK – Kultur Stuttgart organization which aims to build playgrounds for the children mentioned above and together with Beyond volunteers to have educational and playfull activities in may 2020
  •  Youth Exchange on human library, which will be held  in Paris                                    – #mindyoureating, an Intercultural Youth Exchange created, will be managed and implemented by our association in august 2021
  •  #ecochangemakers, an Intercultural Youth Exchange created, will be managed and implemented by our association in september 2021
  •  Trusting Future  – a Solidarity Project will be managed and implemented by our association starting with september 2020

  • First step forward First Aid – a project starting in may 2021 destined to train children and youngsters living in family type houses  basic first aid techniques
  • Le pont durable – project destined to educate teenagers about sustainabilitiy and social entrepreneurship implemented in partnership with Babes Bolyai University and Better Speech Coach