Delia Cristina (co-founder)

So far, Life taught me that our true power lies  BEYOND our nationality, religion, race, culture. Our true power is being authentically connected, empowering each other and evolving together, trough self knowledge and education.

Iulian Lerca ( co-founder)

My name is Iulian Lerca and I’m the ecologist of the team. I balance my life between my activity as a Supplier Quality Coordinator in a multinational company and Beyond assocation. I graduated university in 2016 after 6 years of Environmental Engineering. I’m passionate about travelling and cultural diversity. I spend my time doing outdoor activities and …at the gym.

I see Beyond as a new opportunity to develop my managerial and social skills but also to meet new people and learn more about other cultures.

My long term objectives are related environment protection and youth growth at international level. I develop non formal educational programs about ecological footprint, waste, climate change, sustainability, preservation of the fauna and flora, upcycling.


Anca Marincas ( co-founder)

I studied law, and at the present moment I am lawyer and partner in a law company. I am passionate about psychodrama and embodiment and I have a wide experience in volunteering. During the last 10 years I was a volunteer and project coordinator in several NGOs, implied in charity activities for children, teenagers and people facing difficulties.

My belief is that If we learn methods of inclusion and put them in practice in our own life and also share them with other people we bring our small contribution to the world, to Life itself. My purpose is to create genuine connection and inclusive ways with as many people as I can.
We are all connected.