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We wish to grow together in safe and resilient communities.

Our mission is to passionately and responsibly co-create education programs for youth and adults of all ages, contributing to their personal and professional development. In doing so, we will contribute together to green, sustainable, resilient, safe communities.

Abous us

Beyond Beyond was founded in 2019 in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. Nonetheless, our actions and projects are taking place and creating impact in other communities across the country and beyond.

The association is comprised of experts passionate about contributing to the field of non-formal education, trauma-informed leadership, trauma-informed education, psychological education and environmental education for both youth and adults of all ages.

Through our actions, we promote inclusion, creativity, innovation, psychological and experiential education, social entrepreneurship and sustainable civil society development.

We created Beyond as a space where our vision of contributing to resilient and safe communities comes to life through lifelong learning.

Beyond's logo reflects our belief that we are evolving together, empowering each other. – OUR SUPERPOWER IS TO EMPOWER!

Our story began with a simple question: "How can we contribute?" and the answer came instantly: through education, embracing diversity with passion, zest and empowerment. These have become the values of our organization and underpin the association's programs.

We believe in education, diversity, active citizenship, digital transformation and sustainability.


Development contexts and opportunities created through our organization can be viewed on Beyond's official social media channels.

Empowerment Hub

Within the Empowerment Hub project we choose to believe in each other and in us together. We share our experience and resources with young people who want to create and develop their own projects, offering support and mentoring to young people both in our online community and in the communities where we have implemented projects. Together with our international partners, we co-create meaningful and educational experiences for the young people in our communities, empowering them to grow and thrive.

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Work fields

Through the expertise and passion of the organisation's members and volunteers we have shaped the following areas of work: