Empowerment hub

Talent resides in all people and groups open to change, innovate and cooperate. And people have the power to change the world, to make it a better place. We choose to connect in an empowering way.

The most effective and successful organizations are those that incorporate empowering processes for their representatives, developing strategies for equal opportunities and respect for diversity. And the positive effect in the communities shows up shortly.

EMPOWERMENT HUB is a project designed in order to create a development space for youngsters . Beyond volunteers are supported to develop their potential and projects which reflect our values.
I was fortunate to experience the great benefit of following amazing empowering leaders and it feels natural to pay it forward trough this project. I believe in the amazing potential of youngsters to make this world a better place and trough this project we intend to create that safe empowering place where youngsters can create, act and achieve some of their goals.

I invite you to meet some of our volunteers who take chances and dare to act.

Anamaria Lazaruc – Project manager and Facilitator

My name is Anamaria and I am currently studying Psychology and Educational Sciences at Al .I. Cuza Iasi University. My abilities of working with people are the result of a fruitful experience – gained through multiple national and international involvements. I have been volunteering for more than 6 years in different NGOs, changing my positions from volunteer, to coordinator and project manager. I am interested in psychology, science, technology, education and civics. I truly believe that you have one hand for helping yourself and the other hand for helping others, as I am quoting Audrey Hepburn. I love being active (cycling, hiking) and spending most of my free time in nature, doing outdoor activities. Traveling represents one of my main sources of motivation. Only getting out of my comfort zone I was given the chance to create social networking and to broaden my horizons

Fink Iulia  – Project adviser 


„Since high school nutrition and a healthy lifestyle was my passion which i followed studying Nutrition and Dietetics Masters. In addition I conducted nutrition workshops with school and kindergarten children and i loved doing it!
I also worked as a customer service agent in German for one and a half year and beside German i speak English and I currently learn Spanish.
During this job I learned to find solutions in an easy manner.
I am very interested to explore the opportunities of Erasmus+ projects!
I love to be socially involved and to find solutions for existing problems. I am curious by nature and one of my biggest hobby is to travel, cycle, hike and photography.

This is me on INSTA  , and currently i develop my blog on nutrition and healthy life style:)

During writing the #mindyoureating youth exchange application, I understood better the concept and goals of the Erasmus + projects and I also had a better understanding of myself . I discovered I can work more efficiently. I am grateful it was  approved  and now I m looking forward to implement it together with Beyond Team”

Iulia Ani – Project Manager

“One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming”
„My name is Ani Iulia-Maria. I am 20 years old and I’m studying Applied Modern Languages (English and French) at Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca. I am always looking for challenges, that’s why I have been involved in several Erasmus+ projects and volunteering activities focused on helping people with disabilities
I had the chance to work with people from different nations and backgrounds on topics such as refugees, social media and security in EU. I learnt a lot about European issues, cultural differences, I improved my language, but the most important thing is that I met amazing people with whom I made
memories for a lifetime.
Besides these, I enjoy cycling and jogging, traveling and meeting new people, but also reading and cooking. I want to enjoy the journey – life, with all its ups and downs, and never miss an opportunity.

Writing a solidarity project was a challenge I needed because I’ve learnt to be more organized and productive. I had the chance to discover new perspectives and to put my knowledge into practice.

Darius Burdeți – Project Manager and Project Adviser 

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away”, to quote one of my fav songs.
My name is Darius and I am 22 years old. I’m currently working as a military firefighter and paramedic and in the same time I’m studying Public Administration at Babes-Bolyai University.
Beside my full-time job in the last few years I was also a volunteer in the emergency medical system.
At the beginning of 2020, I participated in a youth exchange in Istanbul that aroused my interest about the  Erasmus + activities,  and I discovered that I like to get involved in this kind of activities. As a future plan, I want to write and manage Erasmus + projects and to participate in as many youth volunteering activities, youth exchanges and training courses as possible.
My main interest is in the management of emergency situations, but also theater and sport.
As hobbies, I like running, playing guitar, theater and spending time outdoors with my dogs.

Writing the #FirstAidBasics.YE project was a great experience because I loved both the subject and the conceiving process. It is a nice process through which I felt I can create something meaningful, working with friends and partners from several countries.


Iulian Lerca – Project Manager

#ECOCHANGEMAKERS was my first project, born from the need to demonstrate that I CAN too. It was challenging to write the application, I didn’t know what to write and how long it will take. Thank’s to Irene who guided us for the entire application process, now things are more clear and I feel ready to write another project. I’m very proud and happy that the project was approved and I’m ready to the second part of this challenge, the implementation.

Andrei Farcas (clinical psychologist)

My name is Farcaș Andrei and I am 25 years old. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist. I worked with children and adolescents in my past. I was a psychologist at The Little People Association, before I was hired I volunteered for 3 years, also I was a volunteer of Preventis Association, an association that conducts activities to prevent alcohol and drug use in adolescents.

I graduated the master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at ”Babeș-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca. During clinical practice hours I worked with children, adolescents and adults hospitalized in the psychiatric wards. I really like what I’m doing.

I am focused on gaining as much experience as I can in Psychology field. This include volunteering and participating in Erasmus programs with the focus of personal development and making the world a better place.

As hobbies, I like to read, to watch tv series, to run and to go to the gym.


Management of the Empowerment hub project
Delia Cristina Rosca


Inspiration, cooperation, empowerment. This is my mantra regarding the Empowerment hub project. I’m grateful for each encounter, for each failure and for each achievement.