Beyond was founded in 2019  in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania. Still, our activities and actions take place and create impact beyond…

We deeply recognize our responsibility towards the development of youngsters and communities  through education and empowerment. In this regard, we see the importance of connecting youth with different backgrounds together and promoting empowerment, inclusion and dialogue supporting this way the development of an independent, progressive and upgraded civil society. 

The organization is made up of a number of experts able to offer support, services and counselling in the area of non-formal education, self-knowledge, psychological education, experiential ecological education both for youngsters and youth workers.

Trough our actions we promote inclusion, creativity, innovation, psychological and experiential education, self-knowledge, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development of civil society.

We believe that education, art, religion, culture, traditions and religion should serve humanity. We created Beyond as a space where this vision is brought to life, through educational and self-knowledge workshops and projects.

Therefore the core values of our organization are INCLUSION, MENTAL HEALTH,  EMPOWERMENT , EDUCATION.

Our main aims are:

– educate using experiential and non formal tools

– empower youngsters to act and bring their visions to life
– increase employment opportunities for youngsters 
– create and facilitate experiential training and coaching programs
– promote inclusive mentalities and actions
– increase awareness about environmental problems and educate people in this direction
– support sustainability
– promote mental health and healthy habits

and our mission is to promote connectivity between humans and empower young people to change their community through education and mental health.